Karma Jnana

Drupla's Lineage

Drubwang Shakya Shri

Mahamudra and Dzogchen Master from whom Togden Chöleg received his lineage.

Togden Chöleg

Lama Neljorpa received the pointing out instructions from Togden Chöleg in India after escaping from Tibet.

Lama Neljorpa

Lama Karma's root guru. His biography is available for download in the biography page.



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“By abiding without being distracted by outer and inner objects,
the samadhi of Shamatha will arise in one's mindstream”

Drupon Lama Karma


Drupon Lama Karma

Throughout Bhutan Drupon is renowned as an exemplary retreat master and has been the most influential lama to maintain the tradition of Terton Pegyal Lingpa. This is in large part a result of having directly served for many years as Pegyal Lingpa’s scribe and attendant. In 1988…

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